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St Giles and St George



At St Giles’ and St George’s we are a community of people trying to follow the teachings and example of Jesus.

Like other Christians through the ages, we find it important to meet together regularly to worship God, to encourage and support one another, and to think about what it means to follow Jesus in our time.
Often this leads us to want to follow Jesus’ example by doing what we can for those in need, and to want to give others the opportunity to follow Him.
As we pray to God, and try to see the world as he sees it, we think of more and more good things that we can do to make the world a better place.

Why Give Money to the Church?

First and foremost, we should:-

How to Give

Give thanks for God’s blessings to us, as individuals and as a church
• Give thanks for the resources that God has given us through the generosity of those who have gone before us
• Give in response to a loving and generous God
Whatever we can do to make the world a better place needs time and money to make it happen:-
• Some of us have time that we can give, while others can help by providing the money that is needed to:-
- Care for and develop special places of worship and prayer, where we can also welcome those from the wider community
- Reach large numbers of young people through frequent school visits and the many groups, organised to provide teaching, friendship and fun
- Respond to the increasing opportunities to show God’s love to our community by providing pastoral care and support where needed
- Support the extensive work of the Church around the world and within our Diocese through our Mission Partners and the Parish Share
Whether or not you are new to the Church, we want you to join us in following Jesus and being part of the church at St Giles’ and St George’s.
We hope that you will be excited by the good things that we are doing together, and that you will want to play your part with whatever resources you are able to bring, both time and money.

How Much Should I Give?

As we think about how much God has given to us, many of us find that giving can be a great joy, knowing the good that we are able to do in this way.
There are no rules about how much to give, but the Church of England’s own guidance suggests that members should prayerfully consider giving:-
• 5% of after-tax income to the Church
• A further 5% to support other organisations, which help to build God’s Kingdom
The important thing is to pray, and then make a start, however small.

When Should I Give?

It makes it much easier to plan the work of the Church, supported by a regular income, so giving regularly is very helpful.
Many people also find that they want to give one-off gifts, either when opportunity permits or as a ‘thank you’ for God’s blessing.
Whichever method of giving suits you best, be sure to review your giving on a regular basis.

Who Will Know?

As far as is possible, your giving to the Church should be between you and God.
The processing of payments and keeping of records is managed by the Donations Coordinator in the strictest confidence.

How Do I Give?

If you are able to give by regular standing order it enables us to plan better for the future.   Please click here for details of how to set up a standing order to the church.

Click here for details of the various methods of giving.
If you are a tax payer, we encourage you to gift aid our donations.
For further information and assistance please contact the Donations Coordinator.

CAF, Sovereign or Stewardship

If you wish to use any of of these schemes please make vouchers payable to Ashtead PCC and send to the Parish Office, 
St George's Christian Centre
Barnett Wood Lane,
Ashtead, Surrey KT21 2DA
Phone: 01372 813332

Have You Made a Will?

 We are encouraged to plan our giving after our death as much as during our life, including the option of leaving a Legacy to the Church.
A Legacy is a practical way of thanking God for His Blessings during our lives.
Such a gift can help to secure the work of the Church for future generations.
Please note that gifts made to the Church and other charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax and are deducted from the value of an estate before Inheritance Tax liability is calculated.
If you have any queries or would like further information, please click here for details and contact the Donations Coordinator.

What If I Don’t Like How My Money Is Being Spent?

When we work together with others, things won’t always be exactly how we want them to be.
If you feel unsure about how money is being spent or you would like more information, please get involved and have your say. Others may feel the same way and we may be able to do something about it. Talk to any of the PCC members (the Trustees of the church) or Parish Staff Team or email the Treasurer.

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