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St Giles and St George

Work Small Group Notes

Work: do you work to live or live to work?      Work
‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life
 by what we give'     Churchill

As you Start


You may like to play a piece of music, something to still everyone?

You may like to try opening with a few moments silence?

If neither appeals, what about asking a fun ‘ice-breaker’ type question?


Individual Exercise

  • Opening Question
  • What experience do you have of working?
    (Paid or voluntarily)
  • What is your response to ‘working to live or living to work’?
  • When you are ready and if you feel able, share with one other person in the group what your thoughts and experience are.


Group Work

  1. Remembering how toil and labour are described in Genesis, as entering human life. Is Activity (work) a good or

    bad thing?
  2. From the issues in this passage, how do you define ‘work’
  3. How does this passage fit with social concerns of unemployment and disability? What are the financial implications?
  4. How does ‘Christian work’ differ from any other kind?
  5. Considering our own lives, where has the balance between work and rest been? Have you got the balance right?
  6. Do you feel the church supports you enough in your working life? How could it improve in this area?
  7. Which is the dominant driving force for you in your current behaviour - Survival, Success or Significance ?
  8. Reflecting on your work and life in the last five years, what would say are the key choices you made?


  9. Which of these were good choices and which were mistakes?   Why

  10. Where do I find it hardest to remember that I am serving Christ in what I do?


You may like to close by using one of these prayer ways


Spend some time in opening prayer, praying for those in work, both within the group, but also others you know. Include in this time, prayer for those who have been made redundant and for those who are unable to find work, whether through disability or situation


Print out the following prayer and say the bold bits together, you leading the rest


Managers, commuters, workers stuck behind computers

Lay your burdens down, come to me and rest

Laborers on the soil, all who dig and sweat and toil

Lay your burdens down, come to me and rest

Overstretched and overstressed, underpaid, abused, oppressed

Lay your burdens down, come to me and rest

Unemployed or long-term ill, those with too much time to fill

Lay your burdens down, come to me and rest

In the home, on the road, those with dangerous overload

Lay your burdens down, come to me and rest

Those who never get a break, those who give while others take

Lay your burdens down, come to me and rest
Loving God, refresh us
Healing God, restore us
Mighty God, remake us
Gracious God, renew us

Sharon Seal, 18/05/2009

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