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Praise our Creator and SustainerTim Long
Length:9 minutes
Reference:Psalm 65
Sermon by Rev. Tim Long Psalm 65 14 JuneListen Download MP3 Audio 4.5MB (09:44)
A new creationTim Long
Length:12 minutes
Reference:2 Corinthians 5:14-21
Sermon by Tim Long 2 Corinthians 514-21 10 MayListen Download MP3 Audio 5.8MB (12:42)
Road to EmmausTim Long
Length:8 minutes
Reference:Luke 24:13-35
Road to EmmausListen Download MP3 Audio 3.6MB (08:13)
Defeat into VictoryTim Long
Length:6 minutes
Reference:Matthew 21:1-11
Sermon Rev Tim Long Matthew 21 1-11 Defeat into victory 5 April 2020Listen Download MP3 Audio 2.8MB (06:14)
Pray Pathway - Rhythm - Prayer as part of a rule of lifeTim Long
9.15am St George's
Length:13 minutes
References:Psalm 55
Mark 15:33-34
Tim examines Psalm 55 - a lamentation - looking at the psalmists mood swings: from despair to trust in God. He indicates that an honesty with God is important and if we are "down" then it is appropriate that this type of prayer is one we use. In the second part, the psalmist states his underlying grounding of trust in God, but still thoughts of anger briefly resurface. Tim says we need to be regular in prayer and talk to God with honesty whatever our feelings. Lamentation can rightly be part of our prayers
St George Ashtead 9.15 ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 6.2MB (13:34)
Moses - God's provision in the wildernessTim Long
9.15am St George's
Length:10 minutes
References:Exodus 16
John 6:32-38
Tim sets the story of the provision of food for the Hebrews as the mid point of Exodus. Commentators have suggested naturalistic explanations of the quails and manna and staggered departures from Egypt to get them to Sinai where the rest of the Exodus story occurs. God provides for his people both spiritually and physically but they must learn obedience. Tim indicates that all had sufficient daily and that we need to live on a similar basis of trust - sensible provision for the future but daily dependency.
St George Ashtead 9.15 ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 5.0MB (10:59)
Follow the Star - The ShepherdsTim Long
9.15am St George's
Length:12 minutes
References:Isaiah 42:1-4
Luke 2:1-20
Tim takes the Luke passage to consider two different forms of power in society - that of force as in the Roman world, and that of love as in God's domain. He takes the birth of Jesus as God's indication of that martial power is actually the lesser of importance to human life and society - true today as then. The shepherds were largely outcasts of their society yet they are given the good news and are to be the messengers of it. We too need to share God's love with our society today and in the year ahead.
St George Ashtead 9.15 ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 5.7MB (12:31)
Follow the Star - MaryTim Long
9.15am St George's
Length:15 minutes
Reference:Luke 1:26-38
Tim considers how Luke uses the birth narrative as an introduction to his gospel's telling of the awaited good news of the Messiah. Mary is at the centre of this, and her meeting with the angel is one of the disruptive events going on around her. She is astute and obedient when she hears of God's will for her (she does not argue with God like Job did). Tim suggests our relationship with God rightly varies at times from being submissive like Mary to questioning like Job but waiting on God is part of Advent
St George Ashtead 9.15 ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 6.9MB (15:07)
Jesus' Second ComingTim Long
Choral VI
Length:13 minutes
Reference:Matthew 24:1-44
6pm ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 9.2MB (13:28)
Living for God's glory - From this day onTim Long
9.15am St George's
Length:15 minutes
References:Haggai 2:10-23
Mark 8:34-37
Tim summarises the Book of Haggai to give context to the - rather difficult - final section. Tim notes that the book has sudden changes of mood from somber to offers of blessing possibly reflecting the chaotic times that Haggai lived in. For Haggai, stability was to be found in re-building the temple and a return to a pure faith. Tim says that such promises of blessing are the hope that is always there for the Jews. It is similar to the Advent hope we have today for the second coming of Jesus.
St George Ashtead 9.15 ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 7.1MB (15:25)
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