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Shaping Church Culture: Being a welcoming communityNico Ohlsson
11am St George's
Length:28 minutes
References:Matthew 5:43-48
Hebrews 13:1-3
St Georges Ashtead 11am serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 43.5MB (28:49)
"I AM Sayings" - I AM the resurrection and the lifeNico Ohlsson
11am St George's
Length:23 minutes
Reference:John 11:17-44
St Georges Ashtead 11am serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 37.1MB (23:59)
"I am sayings": I am the light of the worldNico Ohlsson
11am St George's
Length:25 minutes
References:John 1:1-13
John 8:12
St Georges Ashtead 11am serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 50.6MB (25:27)
Elijah - In the depths of despairNico Ohlsson
11am St George's
Length:22 minutes
Reference:1 Kings 19
St Georges Ashtead 11am serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 36.6MB (22:37)
"Being sent by the Spirit"Nico Ohlsson
The Six
Length:28 minutes
References:Acts 2:1-21
1 Corinthians 14:1-3
Luke 11:11-13
Reading Acts ch2 v1-21, 1Corinthians ch14 v1-3, Luke ch11 v11-13 incorporated in a talk by Rev Nico Hilding Ohlsson given during the St.Georges SIX service on 9th June 2019. Be an encourager, prophesy is strengthening, comforting and encouraging someone in need. Arising from Pentecost we have access to the presence of God, so ask for a greater presence of the Holy Spirit and practice listening for God's voice to see if He gives guidance for someone, but give them a word of comfort anyway.
St Georges Ashtead 7pm serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 13.3MB (28:57)
Being sent by the SpiritNico Ohlsson
9.15am St George's
Length:16 minutes
References:Acts 2:1-21
Luke 11:1-13
Nico take the Acts passage about the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and considers what made the multitude of hearers stay to listen. Initially it was a loud noise that attracted them but then they stayed. Nico suggests that it was the Spirit of peace, love and joy that kept them there to hear Peter's word about the Joel prophecy of spiritual gifts being given to God's people. Nico encourages us to ask for the Spirit for these gifts so that we can go in God's strength to share these gifts with those around us.
St Georges Ashtead 9.15 serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 7.3MB (16:02)
Transformed MISSIONNico Ohlsson
11am St George's
Length:28 minutes
Reference:Romans 12:1-18
St Georges Ashtead 11am serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 42.3MB (28:08)