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Sovereign - Man or GodChristine Bailey
9.15am St George's
Length:12 minutes
References:1 Kings 18:16-46
John 11:38-44
Christine continues with Elijah's big moment as he defeats the prophets of Baal in the public contest to bring fire to the sacrifices - Elijah clearly wins and calls on God to bring an end to the drought, and it happens. The people of Judah side, not too convincingly, with Elijah and Yahweh. Ahab leaves and the prophets of Baal are killed. Christine encourages us to put aside those things which might be gods for us and find our voices to speak out God's love in this fallen world.
St Georges Ashtead 9.15 serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 5.8MB (12:46)
Hallmarks of a discipleChristine Bailey
Choral VI
Length:14 minutes
Reference:2 Timothy 2
6pm ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 10.3MB (14:57)
Embracing the TrinityChristine Bailey
Choral VI
Length:12 minutes
References:John 16:12-15
Romans 5:1-5
6pm ServiceListen Download MP3 Audio 8.4MB (12:21)
Transforming ..... missionChristine Bailey
9.15am St George's
Length:11 minutes
References:Romans 12:1-18
Luke 9:1-6
Christine continues our series about the transforming power of Christ's resurrection. She recounts how the idea of mission has changed over her lifetime from being primarily about evangelism, to a much broader spectrum of activity covering social action and campaigning for justice for the poor. It's all covered in Paul's exhortation to the Romans about living together as the body of Christ in the transforming power of the Resurrection, in a sense "bringing Heaven to Earth".
St Georges Ashtead 9.15 serviceListen Download MP3 Audio 5.3MB (11:33)
A time for joyChristine Bailey
11am St George's
Length:20 minutes
Reference:John 20:1-18
MP3 AudioListen Download 32.6MB
A time for ... SubmissionChristine Bailey
Choral VI
Length:14 minutes
Reference:Proverbs 3:1-6
MP3 AudioListen Download 9.8MB
A time for ... Solitude and SilenceChristine Bailey
Choral VI
Length:14 minutes
Reference:Psalm 46
MP3 AudioListen Download 9.2MB
A time for......... HumilityChristine Bailey
9.15am St George's
Length:15 minutes
References:Philippians 2:5-11
Luke 14:7-11
Christine considers St Paul's hymn of praise to Jesus and the few verses preceding it in the Philippian's passage as a key to understanding some of the problems that may have been in the local church. God in Jesus reveals to us his nature - position and relationships are not to be exploited. Christ's example of humility and servanthood is something we should be working to copy as we relate to other people at work at home and in all our fellowship with others.
MP3 AudioListen Download 64Kbps 7.0MB
The Life of Jesus: Jesus, The one who preparesChristine Bailey
11am St George's
Length:20 minutes
Reference:Luke 2:41-52
MP3 AudioListen Download 31.1MB
The Songs of Christmas: We Three KingsChristine Bailey
11am St George's
Length:15 minutes
Reference:Matthew 2:1-12
MP3 AudioListen Download 23.4MB
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