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The Life of Jesus: Jesus, the one who sends us.Leah Perona-Wright
10am St Giles
Length: 13 minutes
Reference:Luke 9:1-9
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The Life of Jesus: Jesus, the one who sends us.Tim Long
9.15am St George's
Length: 15 minutes
References:Malachi 1:1-4:6
Luke 9:1-9
Tim sets the scene for the disciples to be sent out by Jesus to spread the Gospel - both in word and deed. Tim suggests that they had to travel light to have a dependency on their hosts. Herod wonders if John the Baptist has risen from the dead, but Tim points out that this a key turning point of history as prophesies are fulfilled. We are unlikely to be asked to by like those early disciples but we are to carry the same message in word and deed appropriate to our generation and society
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The Life of Jesus: Jesus, The one who sends usJohn Heine
11am St George's
Length: 19 minutes
Reference:Luke 9:1-9
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Vision & The Way ForwardNico Ohlsson (for Richard)
11am St George's
Length: 23 minutes
Reference:Matthew 13:31-33
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Jesus: the one who brings peaceDavid Murray
10am St Giles
Length: 17 minutes
Reference:Luke 8:22
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Service Review - vision and the way forwardRichard Jones - Nico Ohlsson
9.15am St George's
Length: 15 minutes
References:Micah 6:6-8
Matthew 13:31-32
The sermon is by Richard Jones but read by Nico, as Richard was not well this morning. It sets the background to our review of services in the framework of the development of the Kingdom of God - in Heaven, in our own lives and in Ashtead. After the earlier consultations, it has been decided that few major changes will happen, and that development of individual morning services will be gradual. The church will meet for prayer on 2nd March and more thoughts will be shared by Richard at the APCM.
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Tonic: This is the FrontlineJulie Noon
Length:1 hour 24 minutes
Tales of documentary film-making in some of the world's most dangerous places
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The Life of Jesus: Jesus, The one who healsRichard Jones
11am St George's
Length: 38 minutes
Reference:Luke 5:17-26
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"Jesus, the one who heals (mental health)"Alison Anderson
The Six
Length: 32 minutes
References:Luke 5:17-26
Reading Luke ch5 v17-26 followed by a talk from Dr Alison Anderson given during the St Georges SIX service on 3rd February 2109. Depression and anxiety can be long-term conditions which need management to prevent taking over our lives. They do not make us bad people. Others need to examine their motives if inclined to feel judgemental. Friends can be an important source of comfort, and remember that God loves everyone - all are Important and are His Precious Children.
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The Life of Jesus: Jesus, the one who healsLynn Sefton
10am St Giles
Length: 21 minutes
Reference:Luke 8:42
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