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"Joseph - Looking to the Future"John Cooper
6.30pm St George's
Length: 36 minutes
References:Genesis 48
Genesis 37:36
Genesis 50:20
Acts 7:9
Reading Genesis ch48 followed by a talk from John Cooper given during the St Georges 6:30pm service on 12th August 2018. God deals with the 'here and now' across the whole universe. Turn to Him in all situations and places, remembering that He knows the best plans for the future. Trust Him! The talk is followed by several testimonies.
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Joseph: How Faith and Character are Formed (11): Looking to the FutureNico hilding Ohlsson
11am St George's
Length: 15 minutes
Reference:Genesis 48:1-22
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Joseph - Looking to the FutureJohn Heine
10am St Giles
Length: 20 minutes
Reference:Genesis 48
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Joseph - Looking to the FutureChristine Bailey
9.15am St George's
Length: 15 minutes
References:Genesis 48
John 21:18-19
Christine concludes our series on Joseph by looking at the blessing that Jacob gives to Joseph's sons. She reviews Jacob's and Joseph's lives and their ups and downs, particularly Joseph's dual cultural and dysfunctional family background, but in the end their trust in God and willingness to look forward towards a good end is key. She compares this with Jesus's words to Peter about his end and concludes by thinking about all of our legacies to our successors.
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Joseph - Blessed to be a blessingNico Hilding Ohlsson
10am St Giles
Length: 21 minutes
Reference:Genesis 47:13
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"Joseph - Blessed to be a blessing"Anne Milton-Worssell
6.30pm St George's
Length: 25 minutes
Reference:Genesis 47:13-27
Reading Genesis ch 47 v 13 - 27, followed by a talk from Anne Milton-Worssell given during the St Georges 6:30pm service on 5th August 2018. Services are changing - so how much are we willing to let go of to see God's Kingdom grow? We must SURRENDER ALL and trust Jesus for the future. May we find favour in the eyes of the Lord.
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Joseph: How Faith and Character are Formed(10) Blessed to be a BlessingJohn Heine
11am St George's
Length: 23 minutes
Reference:Genesis 47:13-27
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Joseph - Blessed to be a blessingTim Long
9.15am St George's
Length: 18 minutes
References:Genesis 47:13-31
Mark 8:1-10
Tim continues the story of Joseph in Egypt as the famine comes to bitter times for the population. Tim indicates that Joseph, although an OT hero, is a frail human who on this occasion seems to abuse his power by making the population slaves in return for giving them food. Many commentaries gloss over this but the reality is that power rests with Joseph and here he abuses it. In contrast, Jesus is the true redeemer in whom we can trust entirely.
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"Joseph - Blessed Reunion"Nico Hilding Ohlsson
6.30pm St George's
Length: 28 minutes
References:Genesis 46:28-47:12
Genesis 50:24-26
Genesis 26:1-5
Genesis 26:23-24
Genesis 26:32-33
Genesis 39:21
Genesis 41:39
Genesis 41:16
Hebrews 11:22
Redaing Genesis ch 46 v28 to ch 47 v12 (NIVA2011) followed by a talk from Rev Nico Hilding Ohlsson given during the St Georges 6:30pm service on the 29th July 2018. Our lives are like the land God is working and we need to bring the water (Spirit) to feed it by letting God reign in our lives, but we must have an open relationship with Him to achieve this. Then we can become a community of prayers to bring revival.
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"Joseph - Reconcilliation"Anne Milton-Worssell
6.30pm St George's
Length: 27 minutes
References:Genesis 44
Genesis 45
Reading Genesis ch44, v14-34, and a synopsis of ch45, followed by a talk from Anne MIlton-Worssell given during the St Georges 6:30pm service on 22nd July 2018. Our past is permanent - repentance moves us forward to a real change of heart not to repeat the offence. We should not bury our sinful ways but let God work on us to make us the people He wants us to be through restoration without confrontation. Have a soft heart before God and don't keep Him at a distance.
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