How Can We Support Refugees? 


With little sign of an end to the Refugee Crisis across Europe and with Winter approaching here are a few thoughts on how you may support Refugees both locally and internationally.

Prayer As we see the daily news of bombing in Cities like Aleppo it is vital that we support Refugees with our consitent prayers.

Landlords There is an urgent appeal for landlords in Mole Valley with 2 and 3 bed properties who are happy to rent to a Refugee family at the local authority rate. If you can help please contact 

Refugees at Home Run from Epsom, this organisation links families happy to host a Refugee with a suitable person(s). They have a few families in this area and arrange vetting beforehand. Stays may be anything from a few days to a few months.

Arabic Speakers Arabic speakers are needed to help local Refugees interpret at appointments. If you can help please contact Diane Peters on the address above.

Calaid Surrey CalAid Surrey is operated by Ingrid who lives in Ashtead and has been regularly taking deliveries of items needed by those living in 'The Jungle'. With the recent demolition of the camp we are waiting to hear news from agencies on the ground and will update this information when we find out more. 

Dorking People to People Solidarity This group collects items to send to Lebanon, Greece, France and other countires hosting Refugees. Find them on Facebook to see what items are needed.

Supporting Refugees Locally The local Refugee Support Network are looking at Community sponsorship and also at setting up a fund to help Refugees get in to rented accomodation as many do not have the funds to pay for large deposits. If you are interested in finding out more you may want to attend a meeting of the Refugee Support Group, contact Jo Sherring for details of the next meeting -

Volunteering There are a number of charities desperate for volunteers. Here are two recommended by the Diocese of Guildford, and 

If you want to find out more about the local Church response to the crises, you can go to the Refugee Page on the Diocese Website here.