Remembrance Sunday
Reading: John 15 v.9-17
Sermon Date: November 11th



On Sunday we remembered many who have given their lives to save others in many wars. Can you share any memories of relatives who were alive during the twentieth century or do you have any memorabilia from the past wars? Did you go to the act of remembrance at the war memorial or the special remembrance service last Sunday?  Talk to the person next to what you experienced and about what you were thinking about during the two minutes silence?


It is good to consider why we remember. Is this about making sure that individual’s lives are never forgotten? Is it about making sure that conflicts do not occur again?

What does Jesus ask us to remember?

Please share what you heard in any of the sermons that you listened to?

Please read together John 15 v.9 –17

Q. 1 To whom is Jesus speaking?
Q.2 Why is he talking about “remaining”? What does this relate to (look at the previous part of the chapter to get some clues)
Q.3 Is this also relevant to others or simply to those who were present at the time?

Please read the passage again verse by verse and consider the points:-

  • Verse 9: Is this a special kind of love?
  • Verse 10: Jesus is comparing himself with his disciples, what commands must they keep?
  • Verse 11: Joy will be complete. How will that come about?
  • Verse 12: How do we love one another as he has loved us?
  • Verse 13: Are we being asked to die?
  • Verses 14 and 15: Are we friends of Jesus? How do we show this?
  • Verse 16: Do you feel special and chosen by God?
Verse 17: This is my command: Love each other

Q.4 Are we asked to lay down our lives for our friends and our enemies? 
Q.5 Has anyone that we have known actually died for others? 
Jesus laid down his life for us all – friends and enemies – anyone and everyone. 
Q.6 This is an amazing act of love, how do we respond?


Consider with each other how in the coming week, we might live out God’s command to love each other?

Q.7 How would we like to be loved and cared for?

Can you consider these actions and perhaps do some (or all) of them.

  • Think of three people who are in need of God’s love and commit to praying for them
  • Write to someone and give them encouragement.
  • Telephone a friend or family member and share with them something about the message of love and remembrance – tell them they are not forgotten and that you care for them
  • Cook something and take it round as a gift to someone you know.
  • Get in touch with someone with whom you have lost touch and renew the friendship
  • When you meet someone in the week try to give them extra time and really listen to what they are saying. Commit to praying for them (you don’t have to tell them you are doing this – you can just do it quietly when you get home)
  • At church make a point of looking for someone different to speak to, especially someone new or who is on their own.
  • Love yourself too – make time for yourself and give yourself time and space and fun.Don’t forget God loves you and will be with you always.




Father, we thank you for all those who in conflicts past and present have selflessly given their lives to save others. May we appreciate what they have done and try to ensure that we promote peace throughout the world.
Thank you that you love us, now and always, help us to love others as you have loved us.   Amen

Notes for the group leader
These are just some ideas and thoughts which we hope will be helpful.  Please don’t feel you have to do everything or ask every question, it depends how the group reacts and what aspects they want to discuss. Please be sensitive to those for whom Remembrance is a painful thing due to the loss of loved ones.
Go at the pace of the slowest person and give plenty of time for silence if they want it, but yet move on if that seems the right thing.  It can be hard to read the feelings of others if they don’t express them.
The aim of the session is for the group to take on board just how much they are loved by God and how he is asking them to love other people in the same wonderful way.


Jane Hiley, 06/11/2018