Core Values
  • Mature Discipleship

  • Biblical Teaching

  • Diversity within unity

  • Passionate Prayer

  • Inspired Worship

  • Loving relationships

  • Compassionate Mission

Discipleship Questions
  • Are you willing to listen?

  • Are you willing to learn?

  • Are you willing to be corrected?

  • Are you willing to serve?

  • How well do you submit to those in authority?

  • Can you share your life with others, in open and honest fellowship?

  • Are you learning humility?

  • Are you aware of your weaknesses or are you a perfectionist?

  • Are you able to forgive?

  • Do you have ‘stickability’?

  • Can you be trusted?

  • Do you mind your own affairs?

  • Do you do little things well?

  • How are you using your leisure time?

  • Do you first and foremost seek to please God or others?

  • Are you quick to obey if God speaks to you?

  • Do you have faith in God even when there is little encouragement?

  • Where is your security?

  • Do you have a clear understanding of God’s priorities for your life?

Matt Barham, 02/01/2018