Series: 1 Peter: "Living Faith Out"
Reading: 1 Peter 5:1-14 " A Godly Community"
Sermon Date: November 5, 2017

Today we live in a world where the concept of shepherds and sheep are not well-known.  The Bible is full of examples of sheep and shepherds and the way they interact.  We live in a day of computer programmers, investment bankers and very few shepherds.

If you want to see how Jesus describes His own love and care for people in terms of ‘shepherding’  Read together:

John 10:11-15

Jesus makes a contrast.  A hired hand will run away at the first sign of trouble, leaving the sheep vulnerable.  The Shepherd who sees a wolf coming will fight it to save the sheep.  If necessary he will die, but he will never abandon his sheep


If you were a sheep (think about what you think a sheep is like) who would you like to be watching over you as a shepherd when danger strikes? [This could be a specific individual or a type of person]

This last chapter uses the image of shepherds and sheep as a metaphor for Leaders and people.  Leaders are called to care for God’s people with the right motives, attitudes and commitments.  They are also called to be on the lookout for dangers to the faith and hope of God’s people. Despite the difficulties that may assail God’s people, Peter wants us to know that victory is not only possible, it is promised for those who know the real Shepherd of their Souls – Jesus Christ.

Questions to consider from the passage:

1. Looking at vv 1-4 what are the three reasons why a person should not be a leader?*
2. What are the four reasons for being a leader?*
3. Peter calls us to shepherd by being examples(v.3). Think of one area where you need to grow in order to be a good example. (suggestions: How you relate to your Friends, How you worship, How you serve within the Church, How you serve outside the church, How you pray, how you study the Bible.
4. What do you think Peter means when he says we should clothe ourselves with humility towards each other?  How do you think it should look? (see Philippians 2:3)
5. End of Verse 5: Tell about a time when pride crept into your life and God brought you back down to earth.  Peter knew what this was like (see John 13:36-38)
6. What does v.7 mean for you?

Parting Advice: 8-14

7. In v. 8 Peter tells us to be spiritually alert. What do you learn about the Devil, the enemy in verses 8 & 9?
8. In vv10-11 Peter tells us that God can bring good out of our times of suffering.  How can God use suffering to strengthen us?
9. What do the final greetings tell us about Peter’s situation?


Talk together as a group and choose one person in your church who has a ministry as a shepherd. This can be a house group leader, children’s or youth leader, pastoral person who is effectively shepherding members of the church.  Agree as a group on some tangible way that you can honour this person and affirm their ministry.  This could be through a small gift, writing an affirming not, taking the person out for a meal or anything else.

Anne Milton-Worsell, 16/10/2017