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Community Partnership to Save Lives


The Parish of Ashtead have joined with Mole Valley District Council, the Ashtead Residents’ Association and the South East Coast
Ambulance Service, to install a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD), at the St George's Christian Centre, Ashtead.

The unit will be available 24 hours a day in a secure box on the wall outside of the church, at the junction of Barnett Wood Lane and
Oakfield Road. 
All the Public Access Defibrillators are fully automatic and provide audible step by step instructions which enable even untrained
people to use it. If a life threatening incident occurs, the Ambulance 999 operator will direct anyone how to access and use the
Defibrillator, as part of carrying out emergency resuscitation, until an ambulance arrives. 
David Fanthorpe (Wellbeing Manager) from Mole Valley Council, who funded the unit, said 'We are keen to see as many Defibrillators
as possible in every community in the District and are very grateful to the Ashtead Residents Association for funding the installation and
to Ashtead Parish for hosting it. We now have a total of 42 PAD’s located throughout Mole Valley, with several more to be installed in
the near future.’
The statistics for heart attacks in the UK are alarming, with around 57,000 ‘out of hospital’ cardiac arrests occurring in the UK each year.
Sadly about a third of these people will die before reaching hospital, but early defibrillation is so important as it can triple a victims
chance of survival.
For information on emergency resuscitation awareness email:

Photo shows the Rev Nico Hilding Ohlsson receiving the defibrillator from David Fanthorpe, with Murray Clark from SECAM and the team
from Ashtead Parish and Ashtead Residents’ Association who made it happen.