Housegroup Leaders Notes - September to December 

Between September and December 2016 we will be providing housegroup leaders notes for 2 series. 
The following series will have notes provided:
Hallmarks of Discipleship:
11th September – Welcome and Community.  Luke 6:27-32, Romans 12:4-5, Acts 2:42-47
18th September – Hospitality.  1Timothy6:17-19, John 6:1-15
25th September – Harvest Sunday
2nd October – Serving.  Matthew 20:20-28
9th October – Suffering.  Mark 8:31-37, 1Peter4:12-19, John9:1-3
16th October – Witness.  Matthew 28:16-20
23rd October – Forgiving.  Matthew 18:21-35
Gods Amazing Grace – The Book of Ruth:
30th October – Hard Times.  Ruth Ch1
6th November – Neighbour Love.  Ruth Ch2
13th November – Romantic Love.  Ruth Ch3
20th November – Redeeming Love.  Ruth Ch4
There will be no notes for the series ‘Running the Race’ which will cover the month of August.
There will be no notes for the advent series ‘Jesus Return in Glory’ which will cover Advent 2016.