A Heart for God:  David.

David's Callousness

Readings:  2Sam 11:1-17
Sermon:  Sun 15th November 2015
Setting the scene:
 After offering kindness to Mephibosheth, David continues by seeking to offer kindness to Hahun, King of the Ammonites (2 Samuel 10:1). Hahun advisers twist David’s offer resulting in war against the Ammonites and Arameans. Israel’s defeat of the Ammonites and Arameans consolidates Israel’s pre-eminence in the region. The kings that had been vassals of the Arameans make peace with Israel and become subject to King David.

Ice-breaker: What are some of the temptations that figures in public life fall prey to?


Read 2 Samuel 7: 1-26

A) Understanding David:

1) Are your surprised by David?

2) Re-reading the passage, compile a list of David’s actions and their direct consequences.

3) Compare and contrast the attitudes of David and Uriah. Compile a list with two columns comparing their attitudes in this passage. Discuss your findings as a group.

4) Given his heart for God, are you surprised by David’s sin?

5) In your opinion, what caused David to fall into temptation and sin?

B) Learning from David

1) In what ways are the temptations that we may face similar to David’s?

2) What (general) steps can we take to avoid falling into temptation?  

3) a) Considering Uriah, what can we learn from his example?
b) How can apply lessons form Uriah to help us to resist temptations in our daily lives?

C) Praying with David

If you are willing, give some to reflecting on some of the temptations that we face. We all have an ‘Achilles heel’. As he has always done, Satan will seek to exploit our Achilles heel(s) and tempt us to dishonor God. He did it with Eve, tried it on with Jesus and will do with every believer at times in his or her lives. But, God offers His empowering presence to help us and resist temptation. Sensitively, give time for sharing, discussion and prayer together.

RJ / SB, 11/08/2015