A Heart for God:  David.

David's last words

Readings:  2Sam 23:1-7
Sermon:  Sun 6th December 2015
Setting the scene:
Having stopped the attempt by his son Adonijah to seize the throne (1 Kings 1),
David selects his son by Bathsheba, Solomon, to succeed him.
He then calls a National Assembly and publically passes to Solomon, his son and successor, his vision and pattern for the Temple (1 Chronicles 28). In a public announcement/prayer (1 Chronicles 29:10-20, the ageing King then exhorts his people to give willingly to God in joyful worship (1 Chronicles 29: 10-20).
The following day, again in public, Solomon is anointed (for a second time) as King of Israel. In private, David shares personal words with his son as he succeeds him.
David has ruled Israel for 40 years (1 Chronicles 29: 26-28). We read “he died at a good old age (estimated to be 70-75 years), having enjoyed long life, wealth and honour.” (1Chronicles 29: 28).
If you were asked to pass on just one piece of advice, from your own experience, to
someone starting out as a disciple of Christ, what would it be?
Read 1 Kings 2: 1-4
A) Understanding David:
1) What instructions does David give to Solomon?
2) What will be the results if Solomon and his descendants obey these instructions?
3) David is speaking here from his own experience as King. Looking back over our sermon series this term, find examples of:
a) how David has experienced the truth of these words for himself
b) how David has experienced the results of disobeying thesecommands
B) Learning from David
1) Did the Israelites obey these commands after David’s death?
2) How are these words ultimately fulfilled?
3) What are the areas in our lives where we find it difficult to walk in God’s ways, and keep his commands? How might this passage help us in these areas?
4) Share one (or more) ways in which our studies this term have made a difference to your Christian life - and give thanks to God together for these.
C) Praying with David
Recalling Paul’s last words to Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:1-8:
Pray for courage to ‘fight the good fight’, even when we may feel tired and uncertain.
Pray for perseverance to finish the race, even when times are hard, there is pressure on us from others, and we may begin to doubt.
Pray for obedience in keeping the faith, even when we feel tempted or swayed.
Pray that the God of David, and His son of David’s line, will be the source of all goodness in us and work in and through us, His church, in Ashtead for God’s glory.

RJ / SB, 10/08/2015