A Heart for God:  David.

The Lord delivers David

Readings:  2Sam 22:1-31
Sermon:  Sun 29th November 2015
Setting the scene:
Since composing Psalm 51, David has endured very troubled times.  He has overcome the attempted coup of his son Absalom. This sparked a bloody civil war that ended when Absalom was killed (2 Samuel 18) against David’s wishes. Then, once again, David had to reunite Israel under his Kingship.
A three year famine then afflicted Israel.
David then suppressed another attempted coup led by Sheba (1 Samuel 20) and then leads the army against the marauding Philistines. David is almost killed by a giant in these battles and is asked to stay at home for his own safety (2 Samuel 21: 17b). David is getting older!
His army defeats the Philistines.
This is the background to our study.
How and why do people tend to celebrate good news?
(See Helpful Hints)
This Song of David, a psalm, is almost identical to Psalm 18.
Read 2 Samuel 22:1-51
A) Understanding David:
1) What motivates us to sing? Why then do you think David composed and sung this psalm?
2) Why do you think David begins with a direct reference to his earlier escape from Saul (1 Samuel 19-26)?
B) Learning from David
1) a) As you read the psalm, write down the different ways that David refers to God.
b) What do these references reveal about God?
2) Reviewing the descriptions of God that you have identified, select one that resonates with you at the moment. Consider sharing this with your group and why it is helpful to you.
C) Praying with David
Use what you have shared as an aid to praying together, as like David we sing of God’s faithful grace to us each day.
Helpful Hints
A) Understanding David:
2) At the time of writing, King David is in the final years of his 40-year reign and approaching the end of his life.
As David recalls and thanks God for his deliverance from recent personal and national turmoils (i.e. attack of the Philistines; attempted coups and the civil war inspired by the revolt of his son Absalom), he remembers God’s protection and help from years before when Saul was trying to kill him.
It is suggested that David chooses to recall God’s protection in the past and in more recent times, to emphasize the grace and faithfulness of God. In so doing, David seeks to emphasize his worship of God.
B) Learning from David
1) There is a progression of thought and praise in the psalm. As you identify the descriptions of God and their meaning, it is helpful to be aware of the structure of the psalm:
Stanza 1 (verses 2-20) David celebrates his salvation
Stanza 2 (verses 21-28) David celebrates his own righteousness
Stanza 3 (verses 29-43) David celebrates his achievements under God
Stanza 4 (verses 44-51) David celebrates his status among the nations

RJ / SB, 10/08/2015