The Church is...the body of Christ (pt1)



Home group notes - By Anne Milton-Worssell


  1Corinthians 12:12-27

The Body of Christ - Caring and Co-operating:         No. 5

The aim of this study is to take the idea of the Church as a body where individuals work together to make the whole and apply it at first level to the housegroup, and then to the church as a whole


Icebreaker (if needed) When was the last time you asked for help – and what sort of help did you need?

Prayer: Focus on people who have helped us in different ways

Read: 1 Corinthians 12:12-27


Questions to focus on:

Gifts in the Body of Christ:

1.     Who decides, according to Paul, what part each of us plays in the Body of Christ?

2.     How should that make us feel?

3.     Why does Paul spend some time reassuring the Corinthians that each part of the body is important?

How do I fit into the Body of Christ? (Housegroup or Church)

One of the problems we all have is recognising the role we have within the body of Christ.  We may be a hand trying to be a foot.  The Housegroup is a really good place for us to tell each other where we think we ‘fit’.

Take a few moments with each person in the housegroup: ask God to reveal what role he thinks they should play and speak it over that person.  Then think about this question:

If you have definite gifts and roles within the body, looking at the passage and your own experience what prevents us exercising them?

How do we Care and Co-operate using our gifts?

1.     Knowing that we all have different gifts for caring and co-operating, how can your gifts be used the help the rest of the housegroup?

2.     If you can’t see an opportunity to share your gift within the housegroup – what should the housegroup do to make that possible?

3.     Look at verses 18-20 Sometimes a Church/housegroup only reflects the gifts of one or two people in what it does – how can we change this?

4.     The question is not, “What is the church doing for me?” The question is, “What can I contribute to the church to participate in its fulfilment of its mission and calling?” Is this my mindset? What can I do to eradicate my consumer mentality? How can I function as a member of the body?

End with prayer and a positive action for the Housegroup to take in the light of the study.

Anne Milton-Worssell, 11/06/2012