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Besom received a call from a social worker requesting help for a family in Tadworth.

However Tadworth is not in our area.

But GOD had a better plan.


The single parent family with four children had suffered from domestic violence. They needed a single bed for an 11 year old girl. Her room was small so we suggested a cabin bed.

We also noticed one of the sofas was falling apart. When we returned with a comfy sofa we were asked if we could help collect a bed for one of the boys from their grandmother who lived in Maidenhead.

Unfortunately we had to decline.

But GOD had a better plan.


We collected the bed from Maidenhead and delivered it with the cabin bed, which had a brand new mattress. We also delivered bedding, four mirrors, a computer desk, three leather stools, two folding chairs and kitchen items. The girl’s 12th birthday was in a few days so we left a television and radio alarm clock for her bedroom.


Because it was GOD’s plan.

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Besom in Ashtead Epsom and Leatherhead, 26/06/2012