Esther chapter 7: Conclusion

 Opening Question:

Justice is sometimes difficult to grasp and see. Select a current issue from within the world, nation, church etc and discuss what justice would look like in the choosen situation?

Personal Reflection:

In what area of your life or community do you long to see justice lived out?

Esther and Mordecai have choosen to do what is right throughout the story, yet they still face destruction. Haman though, who is prideful, angry and bitter, has been successful in plotting against the Jews. Finally, in chapter 7, Esther and Mordecai see justice talking place. We are all called to be consistent in character whether justice prevails in our lives or not. In this study we will see what happens when the hidden things are revealed.

Read Esther chapter 7


  • Name all the truths that were previously hidden but are now revealed in this chapter?
  • What is ironic about the events of the banquet?
  • What does v.6-8 reveal about Esther's character?
  • How do you see justice carried out in the lives of Esther, Mordecai and Haman?
  • What struggles do you face when these things do not seem to be working together?
  • How can you (indivudally or corporately) seek justice or do what is right in a given situation, where you currently see injustice?
  • What will your response be if justice is not achieved?


Why not committ to reading a book about the area of injustice, a way for the group to go deeper into one area of our lives which is difficult to comprehend?


Share requests for prayer around the area of injustice and then pray for those situations that are both personal and in our world.

These notes are taken from the Lifebuilder series

Sharon Seal, 25/01/2011