Esther Chapter 5: Crisis

Opening Ice-Breaker:

Divide into pairs and one person take the role of interviewer and the other Esther. Interview Esther about how she prepares to approach the King. then discuss what the group discovers through doing this exercise


Read Esther chapter 5


Identify a recent time where you responded to a situation with anger or bitterness. Think through the reasons you responded that way and how you felt during and after the experience


  • What risks do you feel Esther takes?
  • If you put yourself into Esther's situation, what do you feel she might be thinking/feeling?
  • What enabled Esther to face the risk?
  • Can you think of a time when the help of others pulled you through a situation you were experiencing?
  • What makes it difficult for us to ask for help?
  • How would you describe Haman's personality?
  • What is the contrast between Haman and Esther?
  • What qualities do you have?
  • Lastly, talk about courage, do you have courage, what holds you back?

Further reflection:

Haman was consumed with Mordecai, even though he had many other things: wealth, prestige, sons, recognition. His feelings towards Mordecai soured the good things he had in his life.

There may be one thing in our lives that consumes us to the detriment of all other blessings God had given us. Take a step of courage and ask yourself honestly, if this is so for you? Maybe write it down, pray or talk with a friend ,about what might be all consuming in your life. Once you identify it, be sure to listen to God, know his presence and pray for the ability to address the issue in a Godly way

The notes were adapted from a Lifebuilder bible study book

Sharon Seal, 17/01/2011