Esther Chapter 2: Conspiracy

Read Esther 2


Opening Question:


Describe a time in your past when you saw God work through circumstances in your life to bring something about



The plan that is put into action to replace Queen Vashti is extensive and detailed. It takes pprox 4 years to complete


Read Esther 2 again, maybe use a different versions?


  • Summarize the plan to find a new Queen that King Xerxes puts into action (v1-4)
  • How does Esther enter the story and become Queen (v5-17)
  • Try and put yourself in the shoes of Esther or Mordecai. How do you think these characters feel?
  • The author mentions that three times Esther won approval in someone's eyes (v 9,15, 17) what does that tell us about Esther/ourselves?
  • Think of someone you know who finds favour with others because of their personality and presence?
  • Many young woman were brought to the palace and placed in the harem. What was the role of these woman and how would Esther's life/role and rights be different from the harem when she became Queen?
  • Why does Mordecai instruct Esther to keep her identity hidden. Have you ever lived another identity, lived behind a mask?
  • What glimpses of Mordecai can we see that tells us about his character?
  • Even though God is not directly mentioned, how can you see his hand on the story so far?
  • Where do you see God's hand moving in the circumstances of your life?
  • How do you think he wants you to repsond?


Pray for the ability to see and hear God's hand working in your life


The study material was taken from a life builder study guide

Sharon Seal, 06/01/2011