Esther Chapter 4: Challenge





God often places us in situations where he wants to use us, it is often hard to know what is required of us? However, whether the stakes are large or small, it takes character, courage and moral strength to choose what is God's way.

Opening exercise:

Cut out from newspapers and magazines, situations and people who are facing challenge. Let the group look at them and ask them to pick one that they feel drawn too, if they feel ask them to say what they would do in that given situation

Personal Reflection:

Reflect on aninstance in your life when following God's call meant taking a risk or facing a new challenge?


Read Esther 4:

Discussion Questions:

  • What does the response of Mordecai and the Jews to Haman's plot tell us about the Jews in Persia at that time?
  • how does the fasting of the Jewish people in verse 3 contrast with parts of the first three chapters?
  • What response do we see in Esther?
  • What reactions do you have when asked to face a challenge or risk in your life? How did you feel?
  • What was Mordecai's perspective of Esther's role and responsibilty in the situation?
  • What characteristics does Esther show throughout this passage?
  • Think of a present context in which you think God may have placed you to do his will?
  • What fruit, character do you need to grow in, to enable you to be more Christ-like?

Prayer: Pray for God's courage to be obedient and to follow his ways


Pray for each other and the situations that are real in your lives, in the church, in our community and in the world

The material was taken from a Life Builder study book on Esther

Sharon Seal, 13/01/2011