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God already knows your needs and He has the answer.


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Besom received a referral to help decorate a children’s bedroom for a widowed mum with six children.

The council were plastering the ceiling but this had been delayed.

The family had one PC with dial up access to the internet which the children needed for homework and mum needed to order her large weekly supermarket shopping as they do not have a car.

The PC had stopped working, corrupted by viruses, trojans, worms and malware. The family were waiting for a laptop which had been offered to one of the girls by a charity several months before, but had heard nothing.

Can Besom help? Yes we can!

Two volunteers, with 45 years IT experience between them, turned up and resolved all the problems. The PC screen was damaged, but they just happened to have a new one in their car.

One call to the charity and a new Dell Inspiron laptop was ordered. Within a few days Besom had delivered it fully configured.

The girls wardrobe door had just broken off but Besom had an appointment to collect a child’s wardrobe the following Saturday. The wardrobe was beautiful, the best that had ever been donated. It was very sturdy and came with a matching chest of drawers, perfect for the girls' bedroom.

Some of the children had stayed at a friend's house when the ceiling was being done. One of the girls said she had enjoyed staying at the house because it was quiet and she could do her homework. Besom had already received a good quality metal cabin bed with a large desk underneath, creating more room in her small bedroom and a good place to do homework.

The boys' Sony Playstation 2 had recently broken and the portable television had a flickering screen. But a Playstation 2 with controllers and several games was sitting in the store and was delivered together with a portable television with an integrated DVD player.

God had met this family’s needs before they even knew they had them.


Oh, and Besom is still waiting for the council to finish the ceiling so we can start decorating the bedroom. 




Besom tried to repair the family's printer/scanner. The scanner worked but the printer was broken.

We were collecting nearby and agreed to return it. After loading the Besom van with four televisions and a pine bookcase, we were unexpectedly offered a HP Photosmart All-In-One Printer. Obviously God was not going to let Besom return a broken printer.


If you would like to help, and witness God's work we would love to hear from you.

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Besom in Ashtead Epsom and Leatherhead, 03/10/2010