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How Time Passes !!!

Twenty years ago our rector, Rev. Chris Hughes, felt inspired by God to start a family service at St Giles. He got together a group of us who were mostly worshipping at the 11am service at St George’s and asked us to consider starting a new team and bringing a family feel to St Giles.
Our first 10 o’clock service was held on 3rd June 1990 with a small number of faithful people present. Were you one of those people? Do you remember this small beginning? It was a very special day for us and our family. We worked with the team to set up children’s groups and a prayer group and all the necessary things to run an effective service and it has been a great pleasure.
From those small beginnings we now have a thriving family service whose members make a huge contribution to the church family as a whole. God has truly blessed us as we are truly grateful. We (the 10 o’clock family) have sent people abroad on mission work, we began the links with Kenya through the Zion Harvest Mission, we have performed works of service near to home and everything which has been done is in response to God’s love for us. All because we know he loves us and he has called us to serve him.
Would you like to come and celebrate with us? 23rd May will be held as a special family service to remind ourselves of God’s blessings to us all. Just contact any members of the current team and we will be glad to hear from you.
Prayer:- We thank God for his blessing on the family services in our church and we ask him to continue to pour out his Gift of Love on us all. May God also bless and encourage all those who spend their lives in the service of others. Amen.

Jane Hiley, 01/05/2010