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Zion Harvest Mission


As we come to the end of the year 2009 may I take this opportunity to thank our donor partners from both England and Finland. During this second half of the year our donors from England gave us a total of ksh.750, 000.00 which was divided equally amongst the five regions. Our donors from Finland have continued to support ZHM with a monthly contribution of 1,000 Euros which translates to kshs.140, 000.00. This funding is divided amongst the five regions but depending on the number of church per region. On a sad note, may I report to you that during this reporting ZHM witnessed the death of Bishop Nashon Odida and our donors came to our support in a special way and we thank God for this.

Regional reports


Central region:
The region got a total of ksh.150,000.00. This money was divided amongst the three districts, that is, Nairobi, Mombasa and Thika.
a) Nairobi district: the district continued with the project of building the latrine in the church compound and saving some money for the final renovation of the Kibera church.
b) Thika district: the district committee decided to spend the money in the general repair of Joseph’s car. The car is now in good condition and is helping Joseph in moving from church to church and this has led to opening of more churches.
c) Mombasa region: the district continued with the project of buying of the chairs and on spiritual formation. The districts have opened another church.


Rev. Joseph Kariuki with his wife at a petrol station filling their new car before going to the mission work.


Members of Siribo church during the seminar. The plot is already bought and the construction is halfway completed


The Mission Administrator John Ogombe with Rev. Nicholas Oloo and Pastor Christopher in front of the temporary structure at Busia church plot.


North - Rift region:

The region received a total of ksh.150, 000.00 form the funds for development. The money was divided equally among the three districts.
a) Eldoret district: The district used part of the funds in Huruma church leasing, while Taili Mbili continued with the project of buying plastic chairs.
b) Teso district: This is the area where a lot of development has taken place. Siribo church plot was bought and a church building was erected in the plot.
c) In Busia town church: A temporary structure was constructed in the rented plot. The rent for the plot is ksh.1,000.00 per month but they are trusting God for purchase of the plot. 
d) In Malaba: The church continues with a project of buying plastic chairs and buying the public address system for the church. 

Western region:

The region got a total of kshs.150, 000.00 which was divided according to the need of each district.
a) Siaya district: A church was constructed at Riga church.
b) Busia district: The renovation work was done both in Usula and Iwanda.
c) Kisumu district: Renovation work was done in both Kit Mikayi and Mawego church. 

Rev. Richard Ogutu, the regional chairman of western region with members at Riga church


Southern region:

a) Homabay district: Invested the fund they received from the regional account in raising other fund from district for the construction of a church in Soko.
b) Migori East: Invested the funds in buying of the window for Yadh Ngima church.

Eastern region:

The region identifies the construction of the regional headquarters and all the resource have been spent on this.
Two issues have remained a challenge for the year 2010:
1. Constitution amendment: The church has been run by four constitutions but we are looking forward to have one document.
2. Spiritual formation: We are planning to have seminars and open airs in all the five regions.


May God bless you.

ZHM Administrator John Ogombe, 10/02/2010