The Lord’s Prayer    WEEK TWO 17th-23rd January

The Lords Prayer
Overall Theme:           A framework of prayer to ensure we embrace all God offers us in His friendship and His kingship
Weeks Theme:            Who is in heaven – A mighty creator God for whom nothing is impossible.
  • Do not forget the intimacy with God (Dear daddy) that is required to pray from last week!
  • When was the last time you saw a prayer answered? What was it?
  • Do you ever feel like God cannot answer your prayers and they, “get stuck in the ceiling”?
  • Read Psalm 68 together and note the power of God and the victory God gives to His people.
Word        Read Matthew 21: 18-22
  • Why do you think God does not answer your prayers?who is in heaven
  • In this passage (v.20) the disciples “were amazed” at Jesus’ power; have you ever been amazed at what Jesus can do?
  • Jesus tells the disciples how to approach prayer (v21) “if you have faith and do not doubt.” Is faith something you earn or is it a gift of God. (1 Corinthians 12:9)
  • When was the last time you asked God for more faith? Why not do it now!
  • Jesus also says “do not doubt” which is another way of saying do not look to your own abilities or limitations, why do we think we are always the limiting factor in our prayers?
  •  The passage finishes (v.22) “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer” some would use this to mean we can have nice cars but what does “whatever” actually mean in this context?    
  • Testimony also builds faith. Share any stories about God working in power in your life with the group.
  • Who that you know requires faith for their situation but does not have the strength to pray for faith themselves? Pray for their situation with faith.
  • Say sorry to God for looking to yourself for answers in prayer and ask that that may change forever.
  • Ask the God of Heaven to give you something big in prayer and then make a specific prayer of faith.
If it is God who answers prayer, we must gaze upon His character & greatness in the Bible and see the God who is in heaven, and thereby gain the faith required to see God move powerfully in His church through prayer.


James Levasier, 14/01/2010