The Lords Prayer   WEEK ONE 10th-16th January

 The Lords Prayer
Overall Theme:     A framework of prayer to ensure we embrace all God offers us in His friendship and His kingship
Weeks Theme:      Our Father – A Family Prayer with an intimate Father.
  • Do you feel like you are not very good at praying?
  • Do you feel that other people are better at prayer than you?
Read Psalm 63 together and note the intimacy in the words between David and God and spend time doing likewise in prayer and praise.
Word        Read    Matthew 6: 5-18Our
  • Jesus begins by telling the disciples how not to pray and then says this is how to pray (v 9.), what does this tell us about the disciples and prayer?
  • The Lords Prayer is prayed in Anglican services as a complete prayer is this alright or should it only be a framework for prayer?
  • Our focus this week is on the first two words of the Lord’s Prayer only “OUR FATHER,” what does “OUR” tell you about the Lord’s Prayer?
  • Do you feel the burden of prayer rests on you as an individual or us as a church family?
  • Do you share you prayer needs with other people, if not why?
  • Is it ever alright NOT to pray at all, if others are praying for you?Father
  • FATHER is often regarded as the key to the Lord’s Prayer, how do you feel about God as your intimate Father?
  • How would a loving father treat his child if he did not talk for a while and then came for a chat?
  • How would a loving father treat his young child is his words were not perfect and they did not know all the correct vocabulary?
  • Would we expect a loving Father God to be please when we came to him in prayer after a big break with imperfect words?
  • Who do you know that needs their burden for prayer sharing, maybe because they are ill, struggling with God, family challenges or other need? Read Exodus 17:8-16 for story of supporting each to win the battle.
  • Do you need to look to others for help in prayer?
  • How can you better see God as a loving Father in prayer rather than an overbearing master forcing you to do your prayer duty?
  • What wrong ideas about prayer to we need to let go off to take up more biblical models?
  • Try praying without guilt as a family to an intimate father.
Pray is not a science but a language of relationship with God which takes time to learn and is often unique to individuals. The aim is to be encourage to share our burdens of prayer and see God a loving father to whom prayer is a joy of talking and getting to know each other not a burden or duty.


James Levasier, 09/01/2010