Daniel 6 Vindicated by God Sun 22nd Nov

Book theme:           in spite of present appearances God is in controlDaniel250
Chapter theme:       remain faithful – God will take care of you
  • What would bother you most if your life was suddenly available for all to watch live on TV? (think The Truman Show for those who have seen it!)
  • What things would you want to change straight away?
Read1 Corinthians 15:51-17 together and spend some time praising God for the victory of the cross and resurrection, and the glorious future ahead.
Word: Read Daniel 6
  • Why are the Persian officials trying to get Daniel into trouble?
  • Do you come into contact with people like this?
  • How do you find you naturally react to other people’s success? Positively or negatively?
  • What would you say is the motivation behind the King passing this legislation?
  • How does Daniel respond to the edict?
  • Why do you think he didn’t close the windows, draw the curtains, and pray to God in secret?
  • How does the king’s reaction in v10-18 show what an impact Daniel had already had on him?
  • In what way would Daniel’s miraculous rescue have reinforced Daniel’s personal example to Darius?
  • At the start of this episode, King Darius writes a decree prohibiting prayer and worship to anyone apart from himself for 30 days. How does this compare with the letter he writes at the end of this chapter?
  • Because of the Persian custom of vindication (an eye for an eye), Daniel’s accusers received the same punishment that they demanded that Daniel receive. Do you think this is fair?
    • Are we to respond in the same way? (Matthew 5:38-45)
  • What is the final outcome of this whole event for God’s servant, Daniel, v28?

  • In ch 3 the 3 friends are asked to bow down to the statue and take part in idol worship. Here Daniel is not tempted to wrong worship, but to withhold from the right worship of God. Which of these is more of a temptation for you?
  • In Acts, Peter and John are arrested for preaching about Jesus and commanded to stop. But they respond, “We must obey God rather than men!” Acts 5:29. God’s faithful followers must always side with the law of God over any other authority. Can you think of any situations where you might be required to obey God over men?
  • When Daniel faces an unjust law, he does not fight for his belief by public protest and petition, not by taking up arms and killing, but by preparing to die. Is there a lesson here for us in how we tackle injustice?

For Reflection          

“If it was a crime to be a Christian in this country, would there be enough evidence inyour life to convict you?”


Take some time to pray for those who daily face regimes that forbid following Christ and make sure you pray in some of the truths we have seen in our study of Daniel over the last couple of months.
Remember “in spite of present appearances God is in control”!


Jo Lavasier, 17/11/2009