Daniel 3  Feeling the Pressure Sun 25th


Theme: How to be faithful in a faithless world.Daniel250

  • In what ways are followers of Christ tempted to compromise in order to be accepted by others?
  • Has anyone in the group ever had to make a public stand about their faith in Christ?
You might like to read Revelation 4:11 and spend a few moments expressing prayers of worship and praise to our awesome God.
Word: Read Daniel 3
  • In chapter 2 v46-47, after Daniel explained his dream, Nebuchadnezzar seemed to honour God, saying to Daniel, “Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of Kings...” Why then would he build a colossal gold statue and order that it be worshiped?
  • Nebuchadnezzar threatened death by being thrown in a fiery furnace for those who did not obey. How is this kind of fear used today?
  • The three Jews are given a second chance to bow to the statue. Why do you think that they didn’t just do it and use one of these excuses?
    • We will bow down but not actually worship the idol.
    • We will worship it just once and then ask God for forgiveness.
    • The king has absolute power and we must obey him. God will understand.
    • This is a foreign land, so God will forgive us for following its customs.
    • Our ancestors set up idols in God’s temple; this isn’t half as bad!
    • If we’re killed, pagans will be given our high positions and won’t help the Jews in exile.
  • Which of these excuses would you have been most tempted to use?
  • What impresses you most about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego’s response to the King’s threat?
  • Can you think of any areas where God might be calling you to make a stand no matter what the outcome?
  • The soldiers who threw the three Jews into the furnace were killed, but the three Jews emerged untouched.
    • What is God’s message to Nebuchadnezzar?
    • What is God’s message to the three Jews?
      • (note that God did not extinguish the flames and save them from the fire, but rather He chose to walk with the men – the 4th figure – in the fire)
  • If we have true faith in an all-powerful God, can we count on him to save us from horrible ordeals? (check out Matthew 5:10-11, Acts 12:1-2, Timothy 4:12)
  • Why does God not save all his people from disaster?
  • What’s the God’s message for you from this chapter? 
Re read v16-18. 
Pray for the group that you would stand firm for your faith whatever situations you face. 
Why not also spend some time praying for those believers who live in countries where they daily face persecution. has much information you might find helpful.
Some basic data: The worst 50 countries for persecution of Christians are listed below in order of severity. Some face physical violence and death; others contend with unjust imprisonment, denial of religious liberties such as the rights to worship and share one's faith, and discrimination in employment and education. Please pray on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
2009 World Watch List

1.                               North Korea
2.                               Saudi Arabia
3.                               Iran
4.                               Afghanistan
5.                               Somalia
6.                               Maldives
7.                               Yemen
8.                               Laos
9.                               Eritrea
10.                            Uzbekistan
11.                            Bhutan
12.                            China
13.                            Pakistan
14.                            Turkmenistan
15.                            Comoros
16.                            Iraq
18.                            Qatar
19.                            Mauritania
20.                            Algeria
21.                            Chechnya
22.                            Egypt
23.                            India
24.                            Vietnam
25.                            Burma (Myanmar)
26.                            Libya
27.                            Nigeria (North)
28.                            Azerbaijan
29.                            Oman
30.                            Brunei
31.                            Sudan (North)
32.                            Zanzibar Islands
33.                            Kuwait
34.                            Cuba
35.                            Tajikistan
35.                            United Arab Emirates
36.                            Sri Lanka
37.                            Jordan
38.                            Djibouti
39.                            Turkey
40.                            Morocco
41.                            Indonesia
42.                            Palestinian Territories
43.                            Bangladesh
44.                            Belarus
45.                            Ethiopia
46.                            Syria
47.                            Tunisia
48.                            Bahrain
49.                            Kenya (North-East)
50.                            Kazakhstan



Jo Levasier, 19/10/2009