Jonah 3 What's your calling? 19th July
The objective of this session is to get people talking about what God has called them to. It has the potential to get very heavy so I suggest you start with something fun, a difficult to eat snack (Malteasers and grapes served cocktail sticks??).
The provisions below are very open ended, be ready to gently steer the group taking whatever direction is appropriate for them people there.
Read Jonah 3 together.
Talk about what God was calling Jonah do and his contrasting responses in chapter 1 and 3.
If it helpful read this quote as a intro to the next part. “When I got the poor of London on my heart and a vision of what Christ could do, I decided He would have all of William Booth that there was.” William Booth
Give people paper and pens and ask them to plot the purpose their lives over time:
  • Time on the horizontal
  • and from directionless to clear sense of purpose/calling on the vertical
  • Plot significant life events along the graph
  • You might need to demonstrate what's being asked, either using the illustration below or doing your own.
  • Give people time to do this well and then invite them to share.
Calling Example
You might want to draw out how people responded after a significant trauma.
Or the life stage they are at, what does it mean to have purpose and direction at 30 or 65?
Might also be worth reflecting on the general Christian call and the specific call someone has?
For the general Christian call you could use:
  • John 15 "love one another"
  • Matthew 28 "make disciples"
  • Acts 1 "you will be my witnesses"
Pray together
  • For those that feel purposeless, that they would see the general call on their lives and that they would here the specific call.
  • For those who are clearer, that they would have the courage to be obedient to the call God has given them.


Mark Searle, 14/07/2009