Colossians: A whole new you (Feb 1st)

When you buy clothes are you a:
  • name brand buyer?
  • bargain hunter?
  • quality conscious?
  • spouse conscious?
  • other?
Who is the one Person those opinion matters most to you and why?

Read Colossians 3:1-17
How would your life be different if it was God's opinion of you that mattered most?

How are your heart and mind suppose to be different as a follower of Christ?

What has change most about your heart and mind since becoming a Christian?

Paul uses the image of taking off the old self (3:9), what does he mean?

Paul's list (5) starts with sexual sin and ends with lying. Is it possible to grade these sins?

How to you take off the old self? Be practical and illustrate with specific examples.

Paul also list 10 things that we should wear (12ff). Why are these important.

Which item of Christ like clothing are you good a wearing?

Which item has the most uncomfortable fit?

What are you going to do to practice putting on Christ's clothes?

Mark Searle, 04/01/2009