Colossians: A new foundation (Jan 25th)

What where the house rules when you where grouping up?

What was the golden rule and did you ever break it?

Read Colossians 1:28-2:23

How would you describe the philosophy of the world?

How solid are those philosophies?
  • Credit Crunch?
  • Gaza?
What does Paul what to see in the lives of Christians? vs 1:28-2:1.Jesus

Paul sees Christ as the foundation of the Christian life, why? vs 2:2-7.

Paul uses three images of living our lives in Christ, 2:6-7. What are they, how are they different and how does each image help you stay connected to Jesus?

What are the things that distract you from Christ?

Read 1 Sam 30:1-8 which concludes with David finding strength in the Lord. What practical ways do you strengthen yourself in Christ?

Discuss what you understand by Paul's description of Christ in 2:9 and then also the implication for us in verse 10.

Taking the logic of 2:9-23, what are you submitting to (vs20) that you should be free from.

What simple action are you going to take to keep Christ as the foundation for your life?

Write the action on a card and give it to someone in the group and ask them prayer for you this week and ask you how you got on next week.

Mark Searle, 05/01/2009