Colossians: A new look at Jesus (Jan 18th)

Play call my bluff.
Three people describe a word, one has the correct meaning, two other are made up. The rest of the group have to guess which meaning is right.  Use a word appropriate to your group. Play several rounds.
Describe how you first came to know Jesus living in your life. (Rephrase the question if there are people who are not there yet)

Read Colossians 1:15-27

Read the verses 15-20 again but slowly, taking time to reflect on this amazing picture of Christ Jesus.

What is the most striking thing for you?

Jesus is the one who holds everything together (17). How does this view of Jesus help you to put him first?

Why is the cross central to what Christ has done (vs 19-20).

Paul sets up a before and after Christ picture, using the words "once you were"(21), and "but now"(22)... Describe you life "before" meeting Christ and "after" meeting Christ.

How does your description of "before" and "after" match up with Paul's description?

How would you begin and end the day differently if you could hear Paul's description of Christ's followers echoing in your ears? "Holy... without blemish... free from accusations".

Reading Paul's description of people who have yet to meet Christ (21); who are you praying for to encounter Christ Jesus?

Spend some time in prayer together, that you would know Christ's view of you and for those who are living "before" Christ.

Mark Searle, 06/01/2009