Colossians: A new look at the church (Jan 11th)

You walk into a full party, where you don't know anyone. What do you do and why?

  • Head for the bar?

  • Hide in the corner and hope someone comes and rescues you?

  • Look for a friendly face?

  • Other?

When you walk into church, what are you hoping to find?

Read Colossians 1:1-14

What are the five trade marks of functioning community of Christ in verse 1-8 and why are they important.

(Suggested ans below)Jesus

Which one is the most important?

For your group, which one are you doing well in and in which are you struggling?

What does it mean to you to say "I believe in Jesus"?

Paul and Timothy prayer for the church even though it is going well. What Strikes you about their prayer?

How can we keep growing our knowledge of God's will for our lives and for the church?

Where do you need God's strength right now?

As Paul has held up the church in Colossae, how can you hold up one another and the local church in prayer?

Take time to prayer for each other where you need strength and for the Church.





Five Marks (you might come up with others)

  1. Faith in Christ - 4
  2. Love for his People -4
  3. Hope - 5
  4. Fruit - 6
  5. Faithful People - 7

Mark Searle, 07/01/2009