Living with: Sickness & Healing

Sermon: November 2nd 2008


Text: Issiah 53145736

Luke 8 v.42b-48

Guest Speaker: Russ Parker
St. George’s Church 7pm
Recommended Book:
The Christian healing ministry by
Morris Maddocks
Opening question:
What is healing for you?
A walk of transformation, cure, being cared for?

Allow people space to explore this, let there be no judgement on what it is for them, thank them for their sharing


Some questions that you might like to use in conjunction with the text are:

  • Christian healing is the work of grace, God suffers with us and along side us in all that afflicts us whether that be body, mind or spirit
  • The hurt child inside of us needs to ask the difficult questions of God, have you ever expressed your anger to God, if so how?
  • Healing isn’t necessarily cure, dying will be a reality at some point for all of us but if those who walk in the valley have felt the touch of God through you, they wll die in peace
  • Is your heart moved with compassion to pray, broken faith or little faith is better than none
  • We are fragile vessels, if we empty ourselves of all that holds us there will be room for God’s healing touch.
  • It is not what we do that is important but what we are becoming
  • Healing is a Holy Mystery, it comes from God, give it back to God, don’t try to understand it
  • Remind people that they are beautiful and that God’s love for them is immense

It may be helpful to ask people in the group where they have felt most challenged?

Q. What was the most important thing for them?


How will this affect you as a Christian and how will you put what you have discovered into action?

Q. What action will you now take?


Has it stirred up feelings and emotions within you?

Q. How are you feeling?


Be sensitive to what people share at this point, encourage people in the group to listen and to not give advice, jump in with their own story or say that they know how the other person feels, allow space


End the time with prayer: Maybe light a candle, play some quiet music, newspaper cuttings, whatever you feel works for your group

You might like to begin by saying these prayers together; it will focus the group on looking outwards as much of the time shared will have probably been personal


Lord, we pray for the broken in body, those injured in accidents,

maimed in war, disabled by disease or famine

Lord Jesus Christ (Pause)

Reach out in love and make them whole


Lord, we pray for those broken in mind tormented by fear of attack, those who suffer from depression or have suffered mental breakdown (Pause)

Lord Jesus Christ,

Reach out in love and make them whole


Lord, we pray for the broken in spirit those whose dreams have been destroyed whose love has been betrayed whose faith has been crushed (Pause)

Lord Jesus Christ,

Reach out in love and make them whole


Lord Jesus Christ,

you came to make us whole

To mend broken lives,

to restore broken people


Reach out in love and make us whole


Close by inviting the group to write one healing request on a piece of paper, allow each member to pick one from a basket and pray either silently or out loud for that healing

Father reach out in love and make us whole in body, mind and spirit and bring your healing and your peace through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Sharon Seal, 14/10/2008

Gideon (Guest) 22/10/2018 15:05
It's hard to live with sickness because life is all about health if you feel good then you live good. Try to read on about health and fitness.
Walk (Guest) 30/10/2018 13:13
I also feel sick when I tired from office work and when I did rest it must be fine. I get tips from to make my self fresh.
Walk (Guest) 10/11/2018 09:15

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