Ten worship ideas

Here are ten ideas for the "Worship" section of your housegroup session. Don't be limited by them, they are just a starter...

Praying the NewsWorship Ideas

Buy several news papers give them out over refreshments for people to browse. Then with a lighted candle in the middle of the room invite people to hold the world before Jesus. Ask them to rip out a story and place it on the floor by the candle and the prayer around that story.

Read a Psalm together

Try these for starters

Psalm 100
Psalm 42
Psalm 139
Then spend some time in praising God in your own words.
Sharing Scripture

With a group of mature Christians, ask one or two people to share their favourite passages of scripture and then have them lead the group in prayer around it.

Felt Tip Confession

Get people to write on a piece of paper in washable felt tip pen the things they would like to confess before God. Then have them screw up the papers and place them in a bowl of water in the middle of the room. Prayer over them and assure people that their sin are forgiven. (DANGER watch that the word on people papers don't become visible - you may need to mix the bowl of water or cover it with a cloth)


Picturing Friends or Concerns

Place a cross on the floor in the middle of the room (two sticks would do) Give people paper and a pen, and ask them to draw a friend who they are concerned for (someone who’s ill, lonely, worried or needs to know Christ). Or have them draw out an issue that is on their minds. Have everyone lay the pictures around the cross and invite people to prayer for the person or issue. You could leave the pics there for the rest of the session.

Old Standards

Don’t forget that you can always, play a worship track off a CD, have someone musical play a song or just have a time of open praise and thanksgiving.


Use the simple resources from the summer of 2008 on the Examen to lead people in reflecting on their day and holding it before God.

Thank You Lord

Read Psalm 100. Ask people to either speak out or write down what they are most thankful to God for. If it with people who don’t like to pray out loud then just ask them to name the thing that are most grateful for and have the group leader say a closing prayer.

Hand Confession

Ask people to close the eyes and hold hand out but palms up. Invite the to think of things that have displeased God of the last week and imagine then in their hands. Ask them to make a fist and hold on tight, then turn their hands over and let go of the things before God, asking his forgiveness. Then tuning palm back up ask the Holy Spirit to fill them a fresh.

Monopoly Prayer

Using post it notes rename the places on a Monopoly Board so they are relevant to your area. For Ashtead this might include, Tesco Express, Garry’s, The Street, The Station, London etc. Play a few rounds of Monopoly but with each thing people land on ask people to pray around that place, inviting Jesus to be king.

Mark Searle, 02/09/2008