Ten Ice breakers

Some ideas for ice breakers to start your sessions with - go on be creative...

Ice Breakers

What sends you to sleep the quickest and what keeps you awake?

Musical marvels

Ask people the previous week to bring their favour piece of music. Play a selection and ask them to explain why.

What was the last thing that you learnt?
Week on a Postcard

Get hold of loads of postcards or similar images (20-30) with a range of things on them. Funny, flowers, buildings, people etc. Lay them out on the floor and ask people to pick the one that best represents their last week.

Tricky Food

Serve refreshments as people are arriving that are tricky to eat. Maltesers, rasins and melon, but eaten with cocktail sticks.

Most Embarrassing Moment

Get people to share in small groups and ask them to share their most embarrassing moment. In the group they then have to pick the most embarrassing and share that with everyone (DANGER - to make people feel safe make sure you let then know that it could go to the whole group from the start)

What has made you laugh or cry this week?
Geo Magnets (or other kids toy)

Using Geo Magnets ask people to make animals first and then a modern art piece about there current state of mind. Also works using Lego etc.


What do you want to do before you die? (use sensitively please!)


What have you spent the most time thinking about this week and why?

Mark Searle, 02/09/2008