Discovering God’s amazing grace

Discovering God’s amazing grace

Reading: Ruth 1

Use the introduction to explain how things are going to be a little different and to give people an introduction to the Examen. You could read it or print copies of the introduction for each group member.

Invite someone to open in prayer.
Read Ruth 1 together.
Reflect on the passage by asking two questions:
  • What might Naomi have been most grateful for?
  • What might Naomi have been least grateful for?

You might also want to take sometime to reflect on what you heard from the talks on Ruth 1.


Explain that the two questions you have asked of the passage you are now going to ask of God and before God for yourselves.


Lead people slowly through the Examen. Use a combination of conversation and guided praying.

  • Stop and become aware of God’s presence.Open in prayer. Light a candle in the middle of the room. Have some silence or play a short piece of reflective music. Invite people to slow down and become aware of their breathing, in and out. Read out “the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” and “let everything that has breath praise the Lord”. As you breathe in allow yourself to become aware of God’s presence, if it’s helpful imagine breathing in the presence and Love of God.
  • Invite people to ask Jesus to bring to mind the thing they are most grateful for from today. Ask yourself what happened in that moment. Breathe in the gratitude you felt and life of that moment.
  • Invite people to ask Jesus to being to mind the thing that they are least grateful for from today. Ask yourself what happened during that moment and why it may have been difficult. Stay and acknowledge how you feel but don’t try to change it. Breathe deeply the love of God, allow him to fill you.
  • Invite people to give thanks for the experiences of the day. Either in the quietness of their hearts or out loud. Spend some time sharing the journey you have been on.
Invite people to do the Examen each day.

Please remember that Sharon and team are available to listen to issues raised or to take things deeper where needed.

Ask someone to close in prayer.

Mark Searle, 22/06/2008