James - Get in Control

Housegroup Leaders Materials

Sermon: 25th May 2008

Text: James 3:13-4:3.11-12

NB: These notes are suggestions, not a text for your session, please be creative. Ensure you listen to God and allow him to lead you. The items in italics are extra materials, use where appropriate. 

Key Verse

"But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure..." James 3:17


Godly wisdom is shown in action.


Who is the wisest person you know and why?
Who did you quarrel with most when you where growing up and why?


You will need A4 paper and pencils. Give everyone a sheet of paper. Ask them to mark the paper with a large cross. Then ask them to think about the week they have had, the times they have connected with God or not, the times they have honoured him etc. Give them time to write or draw this on the paper (around the cross). Then ask them to lay the paper in the middle of the room. Lay a piece of paper over the groups papers with the words "gracious and compassionate". Then read Psalm 103 together. Close with some open prayer and praise.

Word (head)

How can you recognise someone who is wise? (vs13)
What in verse 16 marks out someone who lacks wisdom, do you agree?
What's the relationship between wisdom and the Holy Spirit? Compare James 3:17 with Galatians 5:22-23.

What's the root of quarrelling (4:1) and how does this play out for you?

Word (heart questions)

What quality in verse 17 do you most need to develop?

When you have a disagreement with someone, what difference would it make to stopped and asked "what's motivating me"?

Are you sowing in peace? Do you have a harvest of righteousness to show for it?


Leave some quiet time for people to examine their hearts and actions in the light of your study?
Lead people on a guided prayer helping them to see the potential of the fruit of the spirit in their lives. (Something like: "image the things in your life that are not fruitful, envy, selfishness etc, lay them before the Lord and see him deal with them. Now imagine the Holy Spirit giving you gifts in there place, wisdom, mercy, peace etc")
NB: Please end the session hopeful rather than guiltful, the spirit convicts of sin, yes, but he also leads people into life.

Mark Searle, 17/05/2008