Journeying Together - Reflecting on the UP, IN and OUT.

Housegroup Leaders Materials

Sermon: 11th May 2008

Text: Various due to mission sunday guest preachers

NB: These notes are suggestions, not a text for your session, please be creative. Ensure you listen to God and allow him to lead you. The items in italics are extra materials, use where appropriate. 

In the week following mission sunday please take time to prayer for our mission partners, you might like to consider supporting them by writting a letter. But also use the "triangle" to help people reflect on the directions of your own lives.

Key Verse

“Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.” Hebrews 12:1-2Triange


Jesus commands (in summary):

  • Love God - UP

  • Love one another - IN

  • Love your neighbour - OUT


Reflect on what you have heard on mission sunday from the various speakers.


Take time to prayer for our mission partners - thank God for them.


Read Heb 12:1

Answer the questions below for both "I" and "WE" (the housegroup)

Grading them 1 - Strongly Disagree 5- Strongly Agree

(You could either print this sheet for everyone or just read it and get people to note their answers.)

UP - Connecting with God I (1-5)    WE (1-5)
I/we want to worship God in all I/we do    
I/we want to understand the Bible more – to be better followers of Jesus    
I/we want prayer to be central to our life as a church    
I/we want to be open to the Holy Spirit

IN - Connecting with each other I (1-5) WE (1-5)
I/we want to support each other through life's ups and downs    
I/we want to help one another be followers of Jesus    
I/we want to have fun together    
I/we want everyone to feel they belong    

OUT - Connecting with the world God loves I (1-5)    WE (1-5)
I/we want to share the love of Jesus with everybody in word and deed in every place I go    
I/we want to serve the poor and disadvantaged    
I/we want people freed to become what God intended them to be    
I/we want to build relationships with and support Christians in difficult situations overseas    


Ask people to add up their totals for each section (lowest is 4, highest is 20).

What area might God be calling you to focus on?

What action can you take this week to grow in that area? Here are some very basic suggestions, different people connect and grow in different ways - listen.

  • UP - get a Christian book, read a Psalm a day, take a prayer walk
  • IN - Make housegroup a priority, think about the needs of others in your group first, commit to pray for each other on a weekly basis.
  • OUT - Who is the person that God is placing in front of you? How can you show them God's love.

Give account of the action you will take and prayer for one another.

Mark Searle, 03/05/2008